Geomagnetic variations and their time derivatives during geomagnetic storms at different levels of intensity

Czasopismo : Acta Geophysica
Tytuł artykułu : Geomagnetic variations and their time derivatives during geomagnetic storms at different levels of intensity

Autorzy :
Lilensten, J.
Laboratoire de Planétologie de Grenoble, OSUG-CNRS, Grenoble, France,,
Zuccarello, F.
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Universitá di Catania, Catania, Italy,,
Zuccarello, F.
Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia, Universitá di Catania, Catania, Italy,,
Lundstedt, H.
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Lund, Sweden,,
Kretzschmar, M.
LPCE/CNRS, Orléans, France,,
Contarino, L.
INAF Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania, Catania, Italy,,
Messerotti, M.
INAF-Trieste Astronomical Observatory, Trieste, Italy,,
Desorgher, L.
Physikalisches Institut, University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland,,
Usoskin, I. G.
Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland,,
Dudok de Wit, T.
LPCE, CNRS and University of Orléans, Orléans, France,,
Valtonen, E.
Space Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, University of Turku, Turku, Finland,,
Spurny, F.
Nuclear Physics Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic,,
Daglis, I.
National Observatory of Athens, Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing, Athens, Greece,,
Romanova, N.
Institute of the Physics of the Earth, Moscow, Russia,,
Milillo, A.
INAF/IFSI, Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, Roma, Italy,,
Amata, E.
Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario, INAF, Roma, Italy,,
Watermann, J.
Le Studium and LPCE/CNRS, Orléans, France,,
Abstrakty : The latitudinal distributions of horizontal geomagnetic variations, ΔH, and their time derivatives, ∂H/∂t, were analysed statistically over the three-year period 2003–2005. It appears that the amplitude distributions of horizontal geomagnetic variations and their time derivatives differ systematically between different geomagnetic latitudes and storm intensity levels. We show that the magnetic field variations observed at auroral and polar cap latitudes are under all geomagnetic storm levels comparable in amplitude (in a statistical sense) while they are smaller at subauroral latitudes. In contrast, their time derivatives are clearly the largest at auroral latitudes at all storm levels. These distributions determine in a general sense where and with which probability technological systems and operational procedures may be affected by geomagnetic storms. However, one observes in individual cases that the peak ∂H/∂t (the largest in all horizontal directions) is not necessarily the one which triggers a power system blackout.

Słowa kluczowe : geomagnetic variations, geomagnetically induced currents,
Wydawnictwo : Instytut Geofizyki PAN
Rocznik : 2009
Numer : Vol. 57, no. 1
Strony : 197 – 208
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Cytuj : Lilensten, J. ,Zuccarello, F. ,Zuccarello, F. ,Lundstedt, H. ,Kretzschmar, M. ,Contarino, L. ,Messerotti, M. ,Desorgher, L. ,Usoskin, I. G. ,Dudok de Wit, T. ,Valtonen, E. ,Spurny, F. ,Daglis, I. ,Romanova, N. ,Milillo, A. ,Amata, E. ,Watermann, J. , Geomagnetic variations and their time derivatives during geomagnetic storms at different levels of intensity. Acta Geophysica Vol. 57, no. 1/2009