Journal : Acta Geologica Polonica
Article : Ichnofabrics of the Upper Cretaceous marlstones in the Opole region, southern Poland

Authors :
Wendt, J.
Geologisch-Palaontologisches Institut der Universitat, Sigwartstrasse 10, D-72076 Tubingen, Germany,
Kennedy, W.
Geological Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PW, U.K.,
Fedorowski, J.
Institute of Geology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Makow Polnych 16, PL-61-606 Poznan, Poland,
Kędzierski, M.
Jagiellonian University, Institute of Geological Sciences, Oleandry Str. 2a, PL-30-063 Kraków, Poland,
Abstract : Two basic types of ichnofabrics occur in the marlstone-dominated Turonian-Coniacian deposits in the Opole region, namely the Thalassinoides and Chondrites ichnofabrics. Trace fossils (Chondrites, Ophiomorpha, Palaeophycus, Phycosiphon, Planolites, Taenidium, Teichichnus, Thalassinoides, Trichichnus) indicate the Cruziana ichnofacies. In the Thalassinoides ichnofabric, the trace fossils occur almost entirely against a totally bioturbated background, indicating relatively well-oxygenated sediments. In the Chondrites ichnofabric, trace fossils are smaller and the background is almost entirely bioturbated. Only in the lower part of the Odra quarry section, primary lamination is locally preserved. Generally, the Chondrites ichnofabric indicates less oxygenated and possibly deeper sediments than the Thalassinoides ichnofabric. Occurrence of the Chondrites ichnofabric in the Lower Turonian and Upper Lower Coniacian can be related to widely known anoxic events

Keywords : analysis marlstones, Cretaceous, ichnifabrics, palaeoenvironment, Poland, trace fossils,
Publishing house : Faculty of Geology of the University of Warsaw
Publication date : 2001
Number : Vol. 51, nr 1
Page : 81 – 91

Qute : Wendt, J. ,Kennedy, W. ,Fedorowski, J. ,Kędzierski, M. ,Kędzierski, M. , Ichnofabrics of the Upper Cretaceous marlstones in the Opole region, southern Poland. Acta Geologica Polonica Vol. 51, nr 1/2001