Journal : Advances in Materials Science
Article : Methodology of cavitation erosion assessment of laser processed materials

Authors :
Davies, H.A.
Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom,
Pomogailo, A.D.
Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Cher-nogolovka, Russia,
Gireń, B.G.
Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Science, Poland,
Abstract : In this paper some results of cavitation erosion studies of various constructional steels (15GA, 15HN, 45, 2H13) processed superficially by laser beam are pre-sented. The erosion tests were carried out by using the rotation disk facility. Con-stant values of the erosion rate were found for each stage of the material damage. Proposition of the evaluation of the relative cavitation erosion resistance of laser processed materials in the incubation period of damage consisted in direct compar-ing of the constant rates of the erosion.

Keywords : lasser processed materials, cavitation erosion,
Publishing house : Politechnika Gdańska
Publication date : 2001
Number : Vol. 1, nr 1(1)
Page : 28 – 36

Qute : Davies, H.A. ,Pomogailo, A.D. ,Gireń, B.G. ,Gireń, B.G. , Methodology of cavitation erosion assessment of laser processed materials. Advances in Materials Science Vol. 1, nr 1(1)/2001