Journal : Acta Geophysica
Article : Near surface geophysical surveys with a high frequency mutual impedance measuring system

Authors :
Yamasaki, K.
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Faculty of Science, Kobe University, Nada, Kobe, Japan,,
Teisseyre, R.
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, Poland,,
Li, C.
School of Computer Engineering and Science, Shanghai University, Shanghai, China,,
Majdański, M.
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, Poland,,
Trojanowski, J.
Institute of Geophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, Poland,,
Öztürk, S.
Gümüşhane University, Department of Geophysics, Gümüşhane, Turkey,,
Chattopadhyay, A.
Department of Applied Mathematics, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India,,
Beziuk, G.
Wroclaw University of Technology, Institute of Telecommunications and Acoustics, Wrocław, Poland,,
Abstract : Relationships for the mutual impedance of horizontal coplanar, vertical coplanar, perpendicular and vertical coaxial loop antenna arrays operating at a high frequency, located over a layered conducting medium, have been derived. The relationships take into account the occurrence of displacement currents in both the free space and the conducting medium. The relations can be used for calculating the earth parameters in geophysical prospecting. The use of high frequency antenna array makes it possible to determine distributions of apparent resistivity as well as apparent electrical permittivity. The potential application of the measurements of mutual impedance of loop antennas operating at a high frequency to the geophysical examinations is presented. The measuring system developed for this purpose is described. A simple method of interpreting the mutual impedance measurements to obtain the traces of apparent resistivity and apparent permittivity of the investigated earth is given.

Keywords : mutual impedance, loop antenna, apparent resistivity, apparent permittivity,
Publishing house : Instytut Geofizyki PAN
Publication date : 2012
Number : Vol. 60, no. 1
Page : 140 – 156

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Qute : Yamasaki, K. ,Teisseyre, R. ,Li, C. ,Majdański, M. ,Trojanowski, J. ,Öztürk, S. ,Chattopadhyay, A. ,Beziuk, G. ,Beziuk, G. , Near surface geophysical surveys with a high frequency mutual impedance measuring system. Acta Geophysica Vol. 60, no. 1/2012