Journal : Advances in Materials Science
Article : Polymer nanocomposites on the base of metal carboxylates

Authors :
Davies, H.A.
Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom,
Pomogailo, A.D.
Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences Cher-nogolovka, Russia,
Abstract : The thermal transformation of unsaturated metal carboxylates (metal acrylates and maleates) are the complex process including dehydration, solid phase polymeriza-tion, and decarboxylation of metalcarboxylate groups of the polymer formed which proceed sequentially at varied temperature ranges. The thermolysis resulted in the synthesis of metal nanoparticles with narrow size distribution (the mean particle diameter of 5-10 nm) in the polymer matrix formed in situ.

Keywords : polymer nanocomposites, thermal transformation, polymer matrix,
Publishing house : Politechnika Gdańska
Publication date : 2001
Number : Vol. 1, nr 1(1)
Page : 19 – 27

Qute : Davies, H.A. ,Pomogailo, A.D. ,Pomogailo, A.D. , Polymer nanocomposites on the base of metal carboxylates. Advances in Materials Science Vol. 1, nr 1(1)/2001