Journal : Acta Chromatographica
Article : Preliminary GC-MS analysis of compounds present in the root exudates of three mangrove species

Authors :
Turło, J.
Medical University of Warsaw Department of Drug Technology 1 Banacha Street 02-097 Warsaw Poland Medical University of Warsaw Faculty of Pharmacy 1 Banacha Street 02-097 Warsaw Poland,,
Komsta, Ł.
Medical University of Lublin Chair and Department of Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy Jaczewskiego 4 20-090 Lublin Poland Medical University of Lublin Chair and Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy Chodźki 1 20-093 Lublin Pola,,
Vasta, J. D.
Lafayette College Department of Chemistry Easton PA 18042-1782 USA Lafayette College Department of Biology Easton PA 18042-1782 USA,,
Sajewicz, M.
Silesian University Institute of Chemistry 9 Szkolna Street 40-006 Katowice Poland,,
Raju, Ch. B. V. N.
Aurobindo Pharma Limited Srikakulam Dist. Pydibhimavaram 532 409 India Andhra University Department of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Visakhapatnam 530 003 India,,
Shende, P.
NMIMS University School of Pharmacy and Technology Management V.L. Mehta Road, Vile Parle (W) Mumbai 400056 India,,
Dhaneshwar, S. R.
Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Poona College of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pune 411038 India,,
Thakur, A. K.
University Institute of Chemical Technology 1A-286, Medicinal Natural Products Research Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Division Nathalal Parikh Marg, Matunga Mumbai 400 019 Maharastra India Pharmanza Herbal Pvt. Ltd Plot no 214, Near Vadadia Patiya, Borsad-T,,
Niranjan, A.
National Botanical Research Institute (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) Central Instrumentation Facility Lucknow 226 001 India,,
Kumar, T.
Indian Statistical Institute Agricultural and Ecological Research Unit 203 B.T. Road Kolkata 700 108 India University of Calcutta Department of Chemistry, College of Science 92 APC Road Kolkata 700 009 India,,
Abstract : Root exudates were obtained from three mangrove species, viz. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Excoecaria agallocha, and Heritiera fomes. Spot tests revealed the presence of, presumably, phenolic compounds in the exudates. Paper chromatography revealed two spots each for B. gymnorrhiza and H. fomes and a single spot for E. agallocha. GC-MS analysis suggested the presence of aminopyrine, palmitic acid, stearic acid, di- n -propyl ether, and 2,5-anhydrogluconic acid in B. gymnorrhiza exudates, aminopyrine and palmitic acid in E. agallocha exudates, and aminopyrine, palmitic acid, and 2,5-anhydrogluconic acid in H. fomes exudates.

Keywords : mangrove, Bruguiera gymnorrhiza, Excoecaria agallocha, Heritiera fomes, root exudate,
Publishing house : University of Silesia in Katowice
Publication date : 2009
Number : Vol. 21, no. 1
Page : 117 – 125

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Qute : Turło, J. ,Komsta, Ł. ,Vasta, J. D. ,Sajewicz, M. ,Raju, Ch. B. V. N. ,Shende, P. ,Dhaneshwar, S. R. ,Thakur, A. K. ,Niranjan, A. ,Kumar, T. ,Kumar, T. , Preliminary GC-MS analysis of compounds present in the root exudates of three mangrove species. Acta Chromatographica Vol. 21, no. 1/2009