Journal : AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas
Article : Prospects for the development of hydrate storage and transportation technology of methane gas

Authors :
Pavlenko, A.
Heat and gas supply, ventilation and heat power engineering Department of Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, Poltava,,
Koshlak, H.
Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University, Poltava,
Vytyaz, O.
Petroleum (Oil and Gas) Engineering Faculty, Marinę Oil and Gas Department,,
Rybicki, Cz.
AGH University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, Kraków, Poland,,
Abstract : The gas hydrate tecłmologies can be alternative to the traditional methods of the rational use of hydrocarbon gases. However the known constructions of apparatuses for the production of gas hydrates cannot satisfy the condition of their industrial use fully. Authors offer to carry out the high-quality contact of gas and water at formation of gas hydrate by jet apparatuses with a free falling jet. On their basis a technological chart is offered for realization of continuous cycle of production of gas hydrate. The aim is to develop technical solutions and process parameters of continuous production of gas hydrates, which would satisfy the requirements of industrial application

Keywords : gas hydrate, jet apparatus, free falling jet, continuous cycle of production, coagulation, heat of gas hydration,
Publishing house : Wydawnictwa AGH
Publication date : 2015
Number : Vol. 32, no. 1
Page : 13 – 21

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Qute : Pavlenko, A. ,Koshlak, H. ,Vytyaz, O. ,Rybicki, Cz. ,Rybicki, Cz. , Prospects for the development of hydrate storage and transportation technology of methane gas. AGH Drilling, Oil, Gas Vol. 32, no. 1/2015