Journal : Advances in Materials Science
Article : Recent progress in the development of nanophase rare earth magnets

Authors :
Davies, H.A.
Department of Engineering Materials, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom,
Abstract : Nanocrystalline melt-spun rare earth – iron – boron alloys based on Pr and on Nd-Pr mixtures have been studied. Their magnetic properties are compared with those of corresponding alloy ribbons based on Nd. The Pr containing alloys have gener-ally higher coercivity than their Nd counterparts because of the higher anisotropy constant of the Pr2Fe14B phase. Co substitution for Fe increases the Curie tem-perature for both the Pr and Nd-Pr nanophase alloys. excellent magnetic property combinations were achieved for single phase Pr12(Fe100-xCox)82B6 (x = 0 – 20) alloys, processed by overquenching and devitrification annealing. Addition of 1 at % Zr as a grain refiner resulted in increased coercivity and maximum energy product of NdPrFeB alloys for the whole range of RE contents studied (8 – 12 at %).

Keywords : magnetic properties, nanocomposite alloys,
Publishing house : Politechnika Gdańska
Publication date : 2001
Number : Vol. 1, nr 1(1)
Page : 7 – 18

Qute : Davies, H.A. ,Davies, H.A. , Recent progress in the development of nanophase rare earth magnets. Advances in Materials Science Vol. 1, nr 1(1)/2001